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Aladdin Customer Loyalty Points Policy


To incentivize and reward our loyal customers for their continuous business and support.

Points System:

End customers earn points based on their purchase volume. These points can subsequently be converted into gift cards or coupons for use on the Aladdin website. Dealers or distributors are not included in this reward system,for distributors benefits, please see our recruitment of distributors.

Plan Comparison:

  • Silver Plan:
    * Points Conversion Rate: $100 = 3 points
    * Qualifying Grand Total: Purchases ranging from $100 to $10,000.
    * Refunds: Points earned are not refundable
  • Gold Plan:
    * Points Conversion Rate: $100 = 5 points
    * Qualifying Grand Total: Purchases ranging from $10,001 to $20,000.
    * Refunds: Points earned are not refundable
  • Platinum Plan:
    * Points Conversion Rate: $100 = 7 points
    * Qualifying Grand Total: Purchases of $20,001 and above .
    * Refunds: Points earned are not refundable


Customers can use their points directly to purchase products or gifts for use on It's essential to utilize these points within the same calendar year in which they were earned.


The point rewards system is exclusively for end customers. Dealers and distributors are ineligible for earning or redeeming points under this policy. This distinction ensures clarity in our business relationships and a clear demarcation between distributor benefits and customer rewards.

Terms and Conditions:

All aspects concerning point redemption and qualifications are governed by the terms and conditions detailed in Aladdin's Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Return Policy:

To understand the implications of returns on points, please consult Aladdin’s Return Policy.


1. Is there a minimum limit for a purchase to qualify for use of points towards the fee?

There is no minimum limit for a purchase to qualify for use of points. If you have 300pts and your cart is $300, then you pay as much as $0!

2. Can we spend points at any time?

Yes, you are welcome to spend points at any time within a 3-month period. You may collect points and qualify for a higher points conversion rate, or act within your reward plan and pay out with points any time you feel like.

3. When will points be added to our account?

Points are added to your account once the grand total of your purchases exceeds $100. With every next purchase and on reaching every next reward plan, you will get points according to the amount spent and in coherence with the plan regulations.

4. What products and services can we use reward points to pay for?

You can only use points when purchasing Aladdin products at the Aladdin store, and you can exchange points for special offer items. View the special offer we have carefully selected for you.

5. Can we get points as cash-back?

No, points can only be used towards a purchase at the Aladdin Store.

6. Are points added on the fees of refunds?

No, points are not rewarded on the fee of the refund. However, points are refunded in case of a product refund.

7. Can points be summed up with other discounts and concessions?

Yes, you may combine discount vouchers and points towards the purchase of a product.