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Chemical synthesis

Chemical synthesis is an important product line of Aladdin products, and we offer nearly 30,000 materials and reagents for use in chemical synthesis. Some of our new inorganic materials have been widely used in various areas of the national economy, such as high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, optical, electrical, magnetic, superconducting, energy storage and energy conversion materials, as well as catalytic materials that promote the development of petrochemicals. We have come in and also developed a series of inorganic fibers with small mass, high strength and good heat resistance, such as boron fibers and carbon fibers, as well as high temperature resistant materials such as silicon nitride ceramics and boron nitride ceramics with our partners. It allows scientists at all levels to make various types of ceramics into composite materials with metals and inorganic fibers for a wider range of uses. Aladdin provides new synthetic chemical materials that can be applied to space technology, the atomic energy industry, and marine resources. The space suits of astronauts who went to the moon were made of synthetic materials; the enriched uranium 235 was produced; the fluorine-containing materials needed for corrosion resistance were also synthetic; the ion-exchange membranes developed on the basis of the Takako exchange resin play an important role in desalination of seawater, artificial kidney, and the timed release of drugs. Our synthetic chemicals can also be used in the modern development of agriculture. Synthetic ammonia is made into fertilizers, as well as the production of plant growth regulators (e.g., dwarf strains, herbicides, ripening agents, etc.) and various pesticides, such as the chemically synthesized third-generation pesticides - insect hormones - that improve agricultural yields. In addition, Aladdin's synthetic chemical products have provided new ways to be used in the development of many drugs, such as synthetic sulfonamides, antibiotics, vitamins and oral contraceptives. Many analgesics, anesthetics, antiseptics, and hypnotics are now synthesized. The close cooperation between synthetic chemistry and disciplines such as biology and physics is expected to play an important role in the future in conquering diseases such as cancer and mental illness, as well as controlling heredity and extending human life span. Gems and diamonds can also be synthesized by chemical methods, for example, the ruby in watches is aluminum oxide mixed with some metal chromium.

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