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Adsorbents, Filter Aids and Drying Agents

Aladdin provides a wide range of Adsorbents technology combinations for research and industrial applications. Aladdin's product portfolio includes proprietary alumina, silica, aluminum silicon gel and a wide range of base metal oxide protective bed materials. Aladdin has different adsorbents.Adsorption is the aggregation of atoms or molecules on the surface of a material. This process will form a layer of adsorbate on the surface of the molecular sieve (molecules or atoms are accumulating). It is different from absorption, in which substances diffuse into liquids or solids to form solutions. The term "adsorption" includes these two processes, while "desorption" is the opposite process.Adsorbents are usually used in the form of spherical particles, rods, molded parts or as a whole, and the hydrodynamic diameter is between 0.5 and 10 mm. They must have high wear resistance, high thermal stability and small pore size, which will lead to higher exposed surface area and therefore higher adsorption surface capacity. The adsorbent must also have a unique pore structure to realize the rapid transportation of target molecules."Filter aid" is a group of inert materials that can be used for filtration pretreatment. There are two objectives related to the addition of filter aids. One is the basic medium forming the second layer of medium protection system. This is often referred to as "precoating". The second goal of this filter aid is to increase the flow rate and permeability of the cake.
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