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Bioelectronics is a new interdisciplinary field that combines cutting-edge technologies of biology and electronics and can be used in fields such as diagnostic and therapeutic health care. For example, the control of specific molecular processes in nerve signaling can be used to monitor and control the regulatory activities of the nervous system. As a result, blindness, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, paralysis and other diseases and disorders can be better treated. Bioelectronics is widely used, as biosensors such as blood glucose monitors can detect enzymes, pathogens or toxic substances. Wearable bioelectronics can monitor vital signs, detect biomarkers, or capture epidermal energy. Advanced bioelectronic implants work without wires or batteries and, depending on the application, are minimally invasive, digestible and fully absorbable. The design, construction and performance of materials have great influence on the sensitivity and biocompatibility of bioelectronic devices. Aladdin bioelectronic materials have excellent electrical conductivity, elasticity and small size, and a wide range of products, including carbon nanotubes, graphene and other two-dimensional nanomaterials, conductive polymers, gold nanoparticles and quantum dots, such as soft and lightweight ultra-thin materials, which are ideal for bioelectronic applications.
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