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Fluorescence Dye

We have developed a series of broad-spectrum fluorescent dye products through many advanced technologies, and the following table lists some commonly used varieties. The selection of fluorescent dyes usually depends on the specific experimental plan and the equipment configuration used for signal detection. For more detailed information on fluorescent dyes and their usage methods, please click on the dye names in the table below. Fluorescent dyes provide researchers with labeling reagents capable of labeling the required biomolecules, which can be used in immunochemistry, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), cell tracing, receptor labeling, cytochemistry and other related applications, and can also be used to detect biological structures, biological functions and their interactions.We also provide a variety of fluorescent dye labeled antibodies, Streptavidin, peptides, proteins, tracking (indicator) agents, and signal amplification substrates optimized for cell labeling and detection.
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