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Hydrogenation Catalysts

Aladdin Hydrogenation Catalysts, commonly used metal catalysts, such as platinum, palladium, nickel carrier catalyst, and skeleton nickel, hydrides, hydrotium, etc., etc. Catalyst, such as copper oxide-colicate copper, alumina-zinc oxide-chromium oxide catalyst, etc. for hydrogenation of aldehyde, ketones, esters, acids, and CO or the like; metal sulfide catalyst, such as nickel-molybdenum sulfide, etc. For petroleum refining, hydroding, etc .; Aladdin complex catalyst, such as RHCl for homogeneous liquid phase hydrogenation. The material of the hydrogenation reaction in metal catalysis can be subdivided into heterogeneous metal catalysts and homogeneous metal catalysts. The Aladdin heterogeneous catalyst product line allows faster, large-scale production and selective products. Controlling metal percentage and carbon structure changes the reactivity, expand the application possibilities. With the addition of Evonik solid heterogeneous catalysts, the product combination we have diversified metal on activated carbon. Aladdin also provides a highly universal homogeneous catalyst. These catalysts are usually more selective and characterized than the heterogeneous catalyst. Since the catalyst is directly incorporated into the reaction mixture, there is no need to increase the reaction temperature, and the reaction rate is high. However, the catalyst needs to be removed from the final product.
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