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Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance Report

We make brands and products that people love while building a more sustainable future for our business and for the planet. We do all of this while staying true to our purpose: to refresh the world and make a difference. 

Focusing on People

Valuing Every Individual:
At Aladdin, people are at the heart of all we do. We deeply value and respect every individual, understanding that our collective success hinges on the empowerment and engagement of each team member.

Fostering Strong Relationships:
Our commitment extends beyond our internal teams. We emphasize forging lasting bonds across our business sphere—collaborating closely with partners and stakeholders to ensure a harmonious synergy.

A Ripple Effect of Positive Impact:
By marrying responsible business practices with innovative solutions, Aladdin seeks to uplift the quality of life for all. Our goal is more than just business growth; it's about paving a path for a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone we touch.

Join us in our mission to place people first, nurturing a culture where respect, collaboration, and positive impact thrive.

In Our Products

Sustainable Excellence:
Aladdin is steadfast in delivering scientific products and pioneering biopharmaceutical raw materials that are not only of the highest quality but also resonate with sustainable development and ethical standards.

Driven by Positive Impact:
For us, innovation isn't just about advancing our offerings—it's about creating a better world. Our commitment lies in forging solutions that have a profound, positive impact on both humanity and the environment. Every product we innovate seeks to transform industries and tackle the pressing challenges of our times.

Embrace a future where technology meets sustainability, all encapsulated within our products.

Product Quality & Safety

Unwavering Commitment to Excellence:
At the heart of Aladdin lies an unwavering dedication to the quality and safety of our products. Given that our portfolio encompasses chemicals and biochemicals, this commitment isn't merely a business priority; it's a responsibility we deeply honor.

Regulatory Adherence & Trust:
Our products aren't just designed for excellence; they're built on trust. Ensuring regulatory compliance, both on national and international levels, is non-negotiable for us. Our meticulous internal guidelines lay out the roles, responsibilities, and core processes essential to uphold these standards, safeguarding the trust our customers place in us.

Dive deeper into our quality assurance journey and our steadfast commitment to safety. 

Environmental Sustainability

Paving the Path to a Greener Tomorrow:
At Aladdin Scientific, we are acutely aware of the indispensable role environmental sustainability has in safeguarding a thriving future for generations to come. More than just recognizing its importance, we embrace the responsibility it entrusts us with.

Reducing, Preserving, and Restoring:
Our commitment is not passive. We endeavor to minimize our ecological footprint, being conscientiously proactive in our operations. But our mission goes beyond reduction. We also actively participate in worldwide initiatives dedicated to preserving and rejuvenating our planet's precious natural resources.

Join us in our journey towards a more sustainable and harmonious relationship with nature.

Corporate Governance

Anchored in Integrity and Responsibility:
Our approach to responsible corporate governance is twofold: it is deeply rooted in Aladdin's core values and also rigorously aligned with the external regulations, initiatives, and international norms we pledge to uphold.

Adaptable and Compliant:
Our commitment isn’t just in the present; we're geared for the future. We steadfastly adhere to all applicable laws, always prioritizing transparency and ethical standards. Additionally, as the regulatory landscape evolves, so do we. We continuously review and, when needed, refine our internal guidelines, ensuring that our compliance behavior remains relevant, up-to-date, and reflective of the changing environment.

Navigate through our practices, where governance meets sustainable foresight. 

Our Partners

Together, Crafting a Sustainable Path Forward:
At Aladdin, our corporate purpose is clear: "We create science for a sustainable future." This isn’t a solitary mission. Through collaboration with our partners, we map out ambitious objectives across our entire value chain.

Growth, Responsibility, and Dialogue:
While we prioritize profitable growth, we equally underscore the importance of our social and environmental responsibilities. Our partnerships extend beyond business interactions. We deeply value networks and stakeholder dialogues, ensuring that our joint efforts are aligned, impactful, and pave the way for a sustainable tomorrow.

Journey with us and our partners in sculpting a future where science and sustainability converge.